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August 21,2018 Hello purveyors of mind bending art! Summer is coming to a close and what a whirlwind of change it has brought. After showcasing “Four Seasons of Life” for an entire summer all I can say is the eye’s have it! I feel like a fisherman for eyes now. I show my art at a very fast paced venue completely inundated with stimuli and distractions. A very challenging place to stand out, and this painting does exactly that. Stand out! It has been a pleasure to actually not look at this quadriptych for a couple months. Why? Because working on the same project for almost a year you tend to lose the appreciation of the entire work. It all blurs together and the excitement is lulled by the tedious build.
Countless people from all over the world come to this venue. I watch them be captivated like a sunset must enjoy people appreciate it’s majesty. The charm of this painting really is hitting people where it counts. And from all ages! Anyway I am super blessed to have this one in the catalog now and honored to share it with you.
Next I am entering Artprize 10 with “FSOL” and looking to take home the Grand prize of 200k. I placed in the top 20 last time I entered so this year I am going for the kill. This entry is much more suited for Michigan so wish me luck. The contest ends on October 7, 2018 so I will let you know the outcome.
I can’t thank you all enough for your support to bring my art to the world. And every little bit helps. I don’t wish being an artist to anyone anymore after realizing how difficult it is to succeed. The sacrifices have no end. However I love it and realize it isn’t about the sacrifices, it is about the dream. And the dream is alive and well. Follow yours and receive infinite happiness.

June 28,2018. Hello patrons of visual jazz! After a notable break from art and the massive completion and render of “Four Seasons of Life”, Daftpixel is back at it with #17 in the series. The next painting is all about cannabis! One would think this theme is the easiest for me to paint… every Daftpixel piece is conducive to the smoker lifestyle right? However each theme needs careful attention and so much has changed with marijuana, hemp, cannabis in the last 5 years. It has been a pleasure reading about the history of weed and it’s vast journey around the world. Hemp has had it’s volatility in the marketplace and legislative hurdles. But the plant has endured in a competitive compound world. And now the flower is evolving into a powerhouse diversified genome capable of medical breakthroughs we are steadily discovering. Of course the medical benefits of laughter are the best! Well enough of all that. I have already found the magical vibe of this painting and weather you are a fan of weed or not, this will be an entertaining piece of art. After a ton of digital sketches, here is the mock up of the next piece. And some other versions that became vignettes in the final design.<
I already know what the next piece will be as well, unless some magical epiphany intervenes. AMERICA! Everything that makes America the best country in the world as a Daftpixel will be amazing.

May 27, 2018. Hello Art lovers! It is pre-summer and we are stoked! People are out more than usual and shopping! On 4/20 I placed third in the naturalcannabis.com art contest! https://naturalcannabis.com/high-art-2018-winners/5000 entries from 82 countries and “Two Faces” took 3rd! And at the live reveal party all 20 finalist’s pieces were present. And my piece was overwhelmingly revered as #1 ( crowd induced), however the judge chose me as third. The owners of the contest sent me a personal letter suggesting their tiny “mea culpa” that I should have taken first! Well a spiritual 1st place I say! And “”Four Seasons of Life” is now wondering the universe and selling well, like a Daftpixel! People are getting it and loving it. Now we are preparing for ARTPRIZE.org. Another big international art contest. “Four Seasons of Life” is the weapon of choice for this contest. October I should have some great news about that one. And finally the paper business is starting to end. ( sad face), and the canvas business is building. Check out our new canvas print e-store. Grab one of these while you can. These prices are introductory and will not stay low for long. http://www.daftpixel.com/canvas/ . Have a great day and check out more art!

February 28, 2018. We have made it through another four seasons to bring you the latest and greatest new piece of the Daftpixel series. “Four Seasons of Life”, by yours truly. I have taken an entire season of “lagging” to bring you the meanest detailed and depthtified , stupendous masterwork of my career. It took me four seasons to paint four seasons. Even with a year delay on the year production blows my mind. SO this piece has been in development for 3 years! Anyway this monster work is here to stay. And the best part is it is the most family oriented and “normal piece” I have ever done. This is the one you can bring home to MOM and Grandmom. There is nothing in here that should scare anyone. However it has all the bells and whistles of a Daftpixel. So for all my true diehard supporters you will be more than happy. I present to you “Four Seasons of Life”, the time lapse and the painting.

March 28,2017. Well what a winter it has been! I caught a cold 3 times like a boss while traveling to Utah then later to Vegas. Over a few months I made some progress with my short films and am enjoying my choice of digital film camera, the Blackmagic pocket camera. Such a tough learning curve with this camera. It packs a punch but a beast to tame no doubt. Check out all my videos. Please click the picture below to see all my youtube videos. And please subscribe to that channel….I am getting better and you will love it!

chris elliman

Rocking some solid vlog gear….All shot with the Black Magic Pocket camera, gopro 5 and mavic pro. Just starting this vlog so please subscribe and watch the…

. I learned once again why I don’t enjoy commission work with a new big client, and one of my favorite investors bugged out after a 5 year run. A cold dis’ at that! My new master work “FOUR SEASONS OF LIFE” is the biggest challenge I have set for myself since I was 25 and painted the monster successful piece “TWO FACES”. This new painting is so massive and has so much content I keep wimping out and halt my mojo. Here is the digital sketch. I am shaking all the cobwebs out hopefully soon and will finish in time for ARTPRIZE.org in September 2017. The bones of the new quadriptyc are all there and this painting will dominate everything when finished…..it is just dominating me for now. That’s a good thing…if it kicks my ass, it will undoubtedly kick everyone’s eyes, hearts and minds when finished. It is a simple and magically deep piece all at once….I can’t wait till it is completed. The art is getting passed all around the world now with so much love I can only say thank you! My art is featured in a video of a fairly famous Russian dude and eastern Europe is now a fan. Check out this video… such a trip…he explains the painting perfectly in Russian as well which is a real treat. my part starts at 5:20. .The online store did amazingly well over the winter which was a huge help because I don’t work for bill money in the winter to build my new products. I do take clients on….just not a steady income. So needless to say I am thankful for your patronage while I pound away on my new products and still challenging myself, still struggling, and still kicking ass! MY sights are set on finishing the series by 2019 sometime. 30ish pieces in the Daftpixel genre and let us just say my new life will begin as a professional gallery artist. No looking back ever…..the future is my painting I am always creating and I am creating my new era…… global visual champ. I have seen the swarm around my art with only 12 pieces. I can’t wait to show you 30 in one collection. You won’t ever be the same after seeing this. And my life will never be the same after finishing it. And to top off my crazy winter. Another one of my angel investors has decided he wants to sell “TWO FACES” back to me. After he has enjoyed it for 5 years he is ready to hand it to someone else. Naturally this series is very special and he knew he had to ask me first to foster it’s new home and that I will. ME! And he owns another one “Sounds of Love”! Because he is going on a year long road trip I said let me borrow that one too. And he said yes! SO I will have all 12 Daftpixels in my studio/home for the summer….. holy beep! If this won’t motivate me to finish the new painting(s), I don’t know what else will. And I can’t tell you how many artists I know who sell their work and send it off into the abyss to never know where ever to find it again for a collective showing. Daftpixel is different. All these originals are married to each other and their providence will be marked and bound for the care of the set. This owner knows that and I am happy to say the series is intact! Can’t wait to take a photo with them all in one place. It is only 1/3 of the collection to be and seeing them together again is going to fuel my fire! I get those 3 paintings back this Friday so photo shoot to come. And if you are lucky enough to come by the studio this summer well what a show that will be. That’s my update for now. Have you seen my time lapse videos yet? Check them out!

January 5th, 2017 Happy New year cats and kittens! Spent the weekend in vegas and visited some friends from way back in high school. Checked out the Hoover Dam, O show, and cruised the strip. Not as crazy as we use to be , however still having just as much fun. I have been shooting a lot of 01 film lately. Working hard on my vlog on youtube as my side passion project. I have my deadline for Artprize.org in early September of this year for my new masterpiece so it’s a big year of production. Here is a glimpse into what I did for new years.

October 3, 2016 Thanks so much for another killer summer. I ran two different art jobs/business’ this summer so I am spent. Also I moved to a deluxe studio in the sky I I. Sorry just dated myself there. Besides being a dork I am a professional artist these days thanks to all your support. My new studio is so big my next painting is going to max out the new studio on the first one. Four panels tiling to reach a span of 18’x 6′! “The Four Seasons of Life”. First panel is the child /SPRING , second panel is about being a teen/ SUMMER, third panel is about being an adult/FALL, and fourth panel is about being a senior/ WINTER. I was suppose to do this piece last year but my new studio wasn’t remodeled in time to make the summer deadline. Oh well “SARAVANA” was a huge hit so no problem just a slight shift in the plan. I already getting into FOUR SEASON mode I can barely sleep. My mind and heart is pounding with passion for this piece. Pretty rediculous attempt at our entire lives in one painting. I don’t paint a lot of babies or seniors so let’s just day I hope I can do both justice and of course all four eras of life combined with be my most ambitious to date. I am planning to finish the four panels around may 2017. Needless to say the whole thing will be documented on social media and be filmed in time lapse. And I am most likely entering the four panels in ARTPRIZE 2017 in Michigan. wish me luck on the next year on being mesmerizing. So that is my latest update. Be sure to check my facebook https://www.facebook.com/daftpixel/ over the next year . And if you haven’t hit the like button yet PLEASE DO! Because I will be posting pics of the construction of the new painting over an 8 month span. “Four Seasons of Life.”

April 4th, 2016 Happy Spring folks! The 2016 catalog is getting the final touches and dropping over the next two weeks! “C.O.L.A.” i n full color just hit the town water guns blazing. My printer and I have worked the bugs out long ago and this piece shows it in full power.

Spoiler alert. “The Mysterious Life of Benjamin & Andrew” ( in Black and white) inventory is trickling down to nothing over the next two weeks and that IS ALL FOLKS. Hopefully one or two of you read this before they are gone. My paper business is winding down and DAFTPIXEL will be going to limited edition runs of most everything. This is the end of this lithograph inventory and that is it! Get it or be warned.

The pictures came back for the masterpiece “Saravana” and she is getting the final Daftpixel tune and coming your way. Fun month here that the big Dpixel. This brand new masterwork drops very soon. Presenting “Saravana” the story of Buddhism.

The tales and tribulations of Buddhism. The buddha face on the left shines like Nirvana. And my struggling Buddhist  on the right deals with life via samsara.

The tales and tribulations of Buddhism. The buddha face on the left shines like Nirvana. And my struggling Buddhist on the right deals with life via samsara.

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2016! I have been counting the years since this series got into high swing and let me tell you I am astonished how quickly it is developing. My new diptych is called “Saravana”. This painting reflects the struggles of life on the right side and the left side describes the Nirvana side. Here is the drawing above on canvas almost complete! Next up a masterful render in airbrush over the next month.

August 21st, 2015
Next seasons catalog is already set! Just have to get them out of my head. I am so delirious from the long art marketing season I had to let off some steam and talk about the new paintings coming for 2016!

August 11th,2015

This season is winding down. You guys have been awesome! The new paintings were received well and I have learned even more about what you guys want and love! Here is a new time lapse video of my pop up booth.

June 26th, 2015

As a survivor of being an artist in general….the unfortunate reality is we don’t get to create all the time….many months might go by without practicing our craft. But in reality I have found without touching a pencil or picking up a brush I AM CREATING. I am learning lighting….practicing social skills and creating customers by having a life…… Just because I didn’t produce anything this week….. doesn’t mean I am not becoming a better artist. Artist like me advance their craft by just being present at all moments…… can’t wait to prove it to you this winter!

May 24th,2015

Woohoo…..after much delay from APPLE computer…Quick rant alert! I took my computer in for a very minor problem and they actually killed my computer trying to fix it! It took 6 weeks to give me a new one.I seriously love apple but they dropped the ball hard on this one. Well I can say I am back tuning my work and my new painting is finally heading to post production. Here is the final PRO photo for you to see before it gets the hyper tuning!
Lady Luck gets the Daftpixel treatment. Lady Luck gets the Daftpixel treatment.[/caption]

May 13th, 2015

Everyday I chose to be an artist…. I commit to being different. To hold my own torch and say this is reality…. this is what life is. AND IT IS A DIFFERENT LIFE than non artists. Everyday I say….I have to pay myself to create this piece even if it takes a year. There is no guarantee that anything will come from it. A chance for no money, no reward, no benefit, no friends or understanding from family. In most cases committing to art is a life threatening downward spiral financially with very little reward spiritually. Many adult Artists are seldom understood or compensated. But I stand proud , most of the time alone , in my studio knowing that this is the life I chose and it has been the greatest choice ever. Because I believe in the path less chosen, because it has the greatest reward. I stand tall in that choice. To love and live for now because it is beautiful in all it’s choices.

April 30th, 2015

Happy Springtime awesome! Another stellar launch of more dafpixel pieces. Wrath is off to a great start and the commentary has started for Wrath as well. “Lady Luck” is 95 percent done. I had some delays but she is coming in the next two weeks FOR SURE!

February 5th ,2015

The latest Wrath image.

Jan 12, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a prosperous year filled with love, art and laughter. We have been fairly mellow and busy. Not exactly a vacation the last few months, but it has been fun enjoying full studio time. And with a little luck the next sketch came out quick, a little “Lady Luck” that is. Here is the next piece in the Daftpixel series. “Lady Luck” is in the design faze right now. You are looking at the digital sketch below. She is a little different than the usual Daftpixels, definitely has the Dualisee vibe so she should hit you with the magic you are accustomed with a Daftpixel. Roll the dice down the Vegas strip and hope Lady Luck is by your side. The next six weeks she is being painted and will be available for 2015 spring time Launch.
Lad y Luck by Daftpixel

December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays to all! Here is the almost finished new master work. “Mother Nature’s Wrath”.

November 20, 2014

Here is the new painting “Mother Nature’s Wrath” in production!
Mother Nature's Wrath" proof of concept

The new Time Lapse Video of ” Mother Nature’s Wrath” is finished!

September 8, 2014

Well that is a wrap for the summer season 2014. So many awesome comments from you about the art. Here are a few that stood out, ” These paintings are hypnotic!” and another simple but perfect one, ” Even your detail…has DETAIL !” So true, I was looking for a softer word for psychedelic… and hypnotic was it. And what better way to describe the art considering the abundance of detail.

You have spoken to me in more ways than one. Connected on a level more than you could ever imagine. In brief, the SPIRIT which has been carved into these images is expanding, growing, traveling, and communicating on a higher ground now and a lower one too. People think what they want to think about my work. I would say a few think it is pure evil. That’s art for you. The majority choose to believe it is pure love. Anyway…..the art is making it to your walls in a big way and the degrees of separation from the Daftpixel studio to your walls is diminishing swiftly. And with that, the message of love is growing and beginning to take flight. This is the Daftpixel storm and it is coming your way.

August 7, 2014

Did you know that these paintings are all part of a 30 piece series? 30 is a number that will connect enough detail, pop involvement, life experience, and spiritual evolution to put you smack in the middle of an art movement. Every piece is part of a larger story. A tornado of collective conscious as described in this visual jazz. Some of the content here is easier to understand and collect….. the others are deeper and more sultry in delivery. You are in the beginning of a magical series, the story of you. Most of the series is still yet to be rendered. Which one will be yours when all 30 are rendered?

July 22, 2014

Ahhh… finally this summer season is starting to wind down. For reasons I care not to mention I was out there on the streets more than normal to sell the art. Although it has been nice connecting with you ( the client ) more, I have been painting less. The bonus is this winter will be far more productive and cozy thanks to all your patronage. YES! I have had more time to think about the new rainforest piece and OH MY! Not only is it going to be my next diptych, it is also a very deep , funny, and a very significant piece. Oh the places we will go with this one!

After lengthy conversations about “Mysterious Life of Benji & Andrew” I can honestly say this masterwork is doing better than I expected. Even people from other countries are receiving the message well with great surprise. Thank you everyone for your absolute slam dunk love of the new diptych!

So have you taken home one of these pieces yet? Understanding the DAFTPIXEL experience only happens at full scale. I normally want to print them even bigger than I actually do, however you only have so much wall space for me right? Well I have endless ideas for what to do with your walls. Let’s just say I am competing with your walls…and I want to win that coveted spot over your bed, or behind the couch. The game room is kind of my speed. The man cave could be a great place to explore the daftpixel inner secrets, or take your time in the bathroom with COLA! HA! Anyway I am gunning for those walls. And I will have them eventually. That is my goal for you to finally realize you were just fighting me all along, but my intuitive persona knew I was always going to be there anyway. Welcome to the team.

Full size airbrush of SOL on canvas.
Daftpixel's STUDIO

Like it here and watch it unfold before your eyes.     daftpixel facebook

The first test flight of our new timelapse rig. All productions of this series will be televised!

30 pieces sounds like a lot right? It is! One of my favorite quotes ever as a producer is “Build it and they will come”. And they do… I know quite well this to be true. All 30 paintings will take 6 weeks or more of work so I have years of work ahead. Being the best takes a lifetime and taking on the world with art is worth every minute. I already have 20 years learning my craft just to get here at the beginning of my signature series. Anyone wanting to be an artist like me? Well I hope you have 30 spare years laying around and I will see you at the easel….. I am there too!

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